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CBC with ESR, Sugar (F), KFT, Lipid, TSH, Urine Routine


Not all tests require you to fast. Ask the lab technician whether your test requires you to fast. If yes, you should not eat anything at least 10-15 hours before the blood is drawn. Drinking water is permitted. Consult your physician first before fasting in case you are on certain medication

 There are multiple channels through which you can get your reports.
i. Pickup – You can visit the center where you deposited your sample to pick up the hard copy of the reports.
ii. Online – You can access the reports online through our website.
iii. WhatsApp – We can send you the reports on your WhatsApp. Just let the technician know when you book your test. We are one of the first labs in Delhi to provide this service.
iv. Email – We can send you the reports on your registered email ID.
v. Home/office delivery – We can deliver the hard copies of the reports to your home or office at an additional charge. However, this service is for exceptional cases only and is solely at our discretion.
vi. Physician – We can also email the reports directly to your treating physician. Just let us know their email ID when you book the test.

Absolutely! You can book a home visit by calling us on our number or through our website. We will send a technician to collect the sample at your chosen date and time. This service comes with an additional charge.

In case of an illness we advise strongly to consult your physician and get a prescription for testing. However, if you are going for preventive checkups, you do not require a prescription.

 Don’t worry, we have highly skilled phlebotomists and technicians who are trained to collect samples from children of all age groups. There are some best practices to follow while preparing your child for the tests:
i. It is very important to set realistic expectations with the child. Instead of promising that it won’t hurt, reassure your child that the process will be quick, the pain won’t last, and you’ll stay close
ii. As a parent or guardian, it is very important for you to stay calm.
iii. Schedule the appointment at a time where the child is most likely to cooperate. Unless the test requires fasting.
iv. Keep the child well hydrated. It is much easier to draw blood from well hydrated veins.
v. Make sure you get a snack with you
vi. Don’t forget to get your child’s favorite stuffed toy! 🙂

For most of the tests, we deliver the reports on the same day the sample is collected (provided the sample is deposited before 10 am). However, there are certain tests that require a longer testing period and the reports are available in 2 to 3 days. Our technicians will let you know how long it will take for your specific test at the time of sample collection.

We follow strict guidelines for processing the samples. We are an ISO9001:2008 certified lab and have a history of several years of providing accurate test results.

Absolutely yes! You can call us on our number to set up an appointment with Dr. Makashir himself to understand your test result. We consider this as your right and hence do not charge for this service.

We have collaborations with top doctors from different areas of specializations across the city. We will be happy to put you in touch with one of the experts in case you need further consultation.

Absolutely. We reward loyalty and have a loyalty program that offers special discounts and other benefits to our most loyal customers. Call us to know more.

We have a lot of experience working with organizations of various sizes. We offer a wide variety of customized services to meets your specific needs. We are currently working with government organizations like CGHS, public companies like Air India and LIC and foreign companies like the Education Ministry of Malaysia. You can get in touch with our marketing team to find out how we can help you.

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